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Mental and Emotional Health

Promoting positive mental health and well-being is crucial to students’ academic success and helps create an outstanding work environment for our faculty and staff. Mental well-being encompasses quality of life and the ability of people and societies to contribute to the world with a sense of meaning and purpose. Campus Wellness and Education is collaborating with campus partners on research-informed, responsive initiatives to support mental wellbeing through reducing mental health stigma, creating a supportive campus culture, and ensuring that all members of the campus community have the resources to help them understand mental health issues, and improve resiliency and coping skills.


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1. Thrive Month

Thrive is a time when we come together as a UBC community to learn about, talk about, and explore ways to support our mental health. This is an important time of year when we highlight all the critical programs of support available on our campus and learn about the Thrive 5 which can contribute to our flourishing as UBC community members.

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2. Mental Health with Matt

Drop by the Residence Wellness Hub and talk with our Wellbeing Strategist Matt about how you can host a meaningful mental health event.

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3. One-off Programs

You can reach out to our team if your group needs specific mental health training. We do many of these through the year including orientation or other key times of year.

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4. Groups

There are many ongoing groups that are hosted by CWE or our Counselling colleagues. Make sure you watch for those opportunities on our social media pages @ubcoaccesswellbeing

Information and Resources

How We Got Here

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University is a stressful time and young adulthood is an important developmental step. Mental health has always been a key priority for our team. In Voice 4 we learned new things about Voice and the campus environment. Action groups were formed to advocate for changes to promote student mental wellbeing on the following priority topics: 

  • Academic Concession Policy 
  • Exam Policy and Scheduling 

CWE is always looking for more opportunities to improve our social determinants of mental health and providing ongoing programs, campaigns and education to improve campus mental health.