Introducing our COVID-19 Ambassadors

Mar 5, 2021 | Health News

Campus Health has teamed up with UBCO Risk Management and Student Services to launch a student-led COVID-19 prevention ambassador project.  The project aims to reduce the risk of on-campus infections and provide students with information about protecting themselves and others. Using online platforms, speaking with campus community members, and other tools (e.g., novel signage, incentives), the ambassadors will also seek to increase compliance with infection control measures, specifically the use of masks and practicing social distancing. Our new COVID-19 student ambassadors, Kaitlin Ukrainetz and Sara Erickson-Montague, are already designing strategies to help everyone in our campus community to stay safe, and increase awareness of emerging research and updates to our public health response to the pandemic.  Follow Kaitlin and Sara on Instagram for creative ways to connect and stay healthy! @ubcocovidcare