Meet our Campus Health Students – Kaitlin Ukrainetz and Sara Erickson-Montague

Mar 4, 2021 | Student Profile

We are the UBCO COVID-19 ambassadors! We are both 4th year students – Kaitlin in Bio Sciences and Sara in Human Kinetics respectively. As crazy as this last year has been, there have been some great advances in vaccine development and further understanding of how the body responds to a virus. That’s part of the reason we are on the COVID team here at UBCO! We both really believe in leaning into community for support while also doing what we can to stick to guidelines and reduce the transmission of the virus. We hope to introduce creative ways to foster connections with one another while also spreading awareness and introducing new and exciting research in the field. Make sure you are following us on Instagram for creative ways to connect and stay healthy! @ubcocovidcare

Kaitlin (left)
When I grow up (HA) I would love to go into education and teach sciences! I love to be with people (especially kids) and I’m also super interested in the mechanisms of the body and immune function.

Sara (right)
I’ve always been interested in rec sciences, like Occupation Therapy or Physio! I love to work with others towards a common goal; like when someone suffers an injury, together we could figure out a plan to help get back to normal function.