Meet our students – Caroline and Jenna

Jul 29, 2020 | Student Profile

Master of Social Work Students, Caroline Pisko and Jenna Jakes

Caroline Pisko (top) and Jenna Jakes 

Describe the project you are working on and your role in this project.

We are helping to create the “Wellness Centre: Online,” a health information hub on Canvas for all students. Since we are Master of Social Work students, our role is focused on bringing a social work perspective to the team.

What excites you or is interesting about this project?

Jenna: I find it exciting that the project we are working on is a Canvas page that all students can access. I am hopeful that this page will really help to support students in achieving overall wellness through the various resources that are available.
Caroline: I get excited about working with other disciplines including nurses, dieticians and other health professionals. Together, we use our various perspectives to bring holistic information to the platform.

Why is this project important/valuable to you and to UBCO students?

Jenna: I think this project is important for all students, including myself, as it emphasizes the value of holistic health. It is nice to see the UBCO Wellbeing, Campus Health, and Health & Wellness team creating a platform for students to access from home that supports students, especially during these difficult times.
Caroline: This project is evidence-based, easy-to-use and accessible to myself and other UBCO students. It is a great resource for students who need current information about self-care, eating well, studying, and other topics related to health and wellness.

What skills are you building through your work on this project?

Jenna: As a future social worker, this project has allowed me to find various resources within the Okanagan and Vancouver communities. The skill of resource finding will be helpful entering my career to support future recipients of care.
Caroline: I believe we are building collaborative skills by working with other disciplines in the creation of the Wellness Centre: Online. Being able to learn from each other and understand the value of our individual perspectives is a great skill to have moving forward in my social work career!