Help us make a food map!

Nov 16, 2021 | Food and Water, Health News

Where to find food in the Okanagan – help us make a map!

Whether you are new to the Syilx Territory (so called Okanagan) or have lived here your whole life, it can be tough sometimes to figure out where to go to access certain foods. Looking for ingredients to make that special dish your family makes or reminds you of home? Wondering what food stores and restaurants offer student discounts or have really great deals on food or menu items? Trying to find a place that sells food that fits your dietary, religious, or cultural needs?

Help us make a food map to help students find these great places!

We have made a small start to the map, but we need help adding more! Please send us an email at with anything you would like to see added to the map, and to which “map layer” it should be added. Don’t see a layer that you think should be on the map? Let us know! More details are better than less details:

  • Tell us about a layer you think should be added and why
  • Tell us to which layer your place should be added
  • Tell us the name and location of the place
  • Give us details about this place: Does it have a certain menu or menu items that are worth pointing out? Why?
  • Has something closed or the information is incorrect? Let us know!

Take a look at the map!