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Launching Partnerships for a Physical Food Hub at UBCO

Mar 31, 2021 | Food and Water

Wellbeing Scholar, Sarah Clement and Casey Hamilton, Campus Health Specialist, teamed up to continue their work to address the high rates of student food insecurity at UBCO.  Building on their previous work, in this phase they focused on establishing partnerships to support the development of a physical food hub and explored opportunities for physical food hub pilot projects including a campus farmers’ market, a campus food production initiative (e.g., community garden or market garden), a food rescue program, and a campus-wide dialogue program focused on implementing climate-friendly food systems. Their vision for a physical food hub includes a physical space on campus that is supported by an interlocking network of projects, departments, individuals, and partners that enable student and community food security as well as food systems transformation.

Read the full report here. Phase 2 – Launching Partnerships for Physical Food Hub.