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Opioid Dialogue: Listening for Direction

Nov 14, 2019 | Substance Use, VOICE Projects

Over the past two years, VOICE has held opioid dialogues on campus to promote a better understanding of perspectives related to the use of opioids and other drugs. As part of this ongoing initiative, VOICE student team members invited campus community members to share perspectives on the opioid crisis and its implications for our campus. The dialogue took place on November 14, 2019, and was facilitated by two VOICE student team members. In addition to the student facilitators, eleven people participated (9 students and 3 staff members).

After sharing information related to the opioid crisis in the Okanagan and BC, the following questions were used to invite discussion about the opioid crisis:

  1. With regards to the opioid epidemic, what does this all mean for our campus?
  2. How can our campus community come together to reduce the risks associated with drug use?
  3. What would it take to create change on this issue on our campus?

Their ideas provide direction for harm reduction at UBC Okanagan.